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Beautiful teaspoons known as Chami 茶美 are used to scoop tea out from the pouch & to add it to the teapot. Since the tea leaves are very delicate & they absorb all types of odours, it is recommended to handle them using a teaspoon never the bare hands. These ones, in particular, are made using odourless acrylic material. Each model is different so please choose which one would you prefer. There is only one piece of each type on stock, as soon as they run out, we might or might not carry the same models in the future. All depends on our supplier’s availability and changes in the exchange rate. THE JAPANESE TEA EVANGELIST SAYS: I got my first Chami in Kyoto a long time ago, is the same model as the black one depicted here. I still use it to this day even though I also got a number of beautiful cherry bark ones as well.