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Japanese vs Chinese Teas: A Brief Comparison

Japanese vs Chinese Teas: A Brief Comparison READ IT IN SPANISH! Have you ever wondered about the similitude & differences between Chinese & Japanese teas? Yes? Me too. It is an interesting topic since both tea cultures are intertwined with one another yet we can encounter a number of distinct attributes. WHERE WAS THE TEA PLANT DISCOVERED? The tea plant was presumably discovered in Yunnan, China, during the reign of the Shang Dynasty. At the time, tea was widely used as a medicinal drink. There is even a very early record from the 3rd century written by Hua Tuo, that mentions tea being used for improving health. HOW DID TEA… Read More »Japanese vs Chinese Teas: A Brief Comparison

Let’s Talk About Matcha!

Let’s Talk About Matcha! READ IT IN SPANISH! Matcha is by far one of the most well known Japanese teas around the globe. And it is one of my favourite teas as well as Japanese flavours. While the Japanese have been using matcha in sado, chanoyu or Japanese Tea Ceremony for centuries, it is a relatively new product in external markets. Due to changes in tea consumption of Japanese citizens, there has been an active campaign to promote and to export matcha outside Japan. And with excellent results, I might say. But what matcha really is and which are its properties? Technically, matcha can be produced using tea leaves from… Read More »Let’s Talk About Matcha!