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Hi, I am Xenia, nice to meet you!

Xenia is a self-proclaimed Japanese Tea Evangelist currently based in Spain

Xenia Blanco
Hi, I am Xenia, nice to meet you!

Xenia has been a somewhat heavy tea drinker for over 30 years.

Her passion for Japanese food & culture brought her close to matcha during an impromptu tea ceremony performed at the Foreign Languages School she was attending to with the purpose of learning Japanese.

In 2017, she travelled to Japan for the third time & included a tour through a tea plantation in Wazuka, Kyoto as part of her itinerary. The experience was so remarkable that she decided to transform her passion for tea in her way of living after such an experience.

She travelled all the way back to the same tea farm in Japan the following year, in order to take part in the Japanese Tea Master course, a fully hands-on & immersive tea learning experience .

She was chosen to take part in the Japanese Tea Study Trip organized by the Japan Tea Export Council that very same year. During that trip, Xenia was exposed to the Japanese tea manufacturing industry from Shizuoka & Kagoshima, making new tea connections & friends in the process.

She has made her mission to share her passion for rare & high quality Japanese teas with you by sourcing only the very best & most rare teas from Japan.

Life is too short to drink a bad cup of tea!

When she is not sipping on some nice Japanese teas, Xenia is creating delicious tea based recipes she will surely share with you on due time. She is also an avid writer & keeps releasing new articles for the Tea Journal in this site, on a regular basis.

She is currently translating her tea articles from English into Spanish with the assistance of her sister Sheila.

The Japanese Tea Hub

Because drinking good tea shouldn't be optional!

The Japanese Tea Hub was conceived as a channel to bring the finest Japanese teas available to you. Often times, finding an amazing but rare tea that very few farmers from a remote island are making is not that easy.

Some of them don’t speak English & only work via Japanese tea suppliers or intermediaries.

We tend to favour small or medium sized farms, tea companies & suppliers.

We want to offer our support to those who have it slightly more difficult when trying to market their teas available to Japanese tea lovers abroad.

Growing tea is very hard work, it takes a lot of energy & effort.

Reliable knowledge about teas from Japan as well as the availability of good quality Japanese tea in Europe are somewhat limited. Very few people who are passionate about Japanese teas know-how & where to find the finest teas in Japan.

We want to change that because drinking good tea shouldn’t be optional & because we know that Japanese teas are good for you!

Our Philosophy

Sustainability Fans

We choose to say no to teabags, we choose to say yes to sustainable whole leaf teas.

We are always looking into what’s the next step we can take in order to become more sustainable.

Sustainability, is good for you, is good for us & is good for the planet.

Quality Devotees

We like sourcing high quality teas, we taste them all, we don't buy them blindly.

We don’t tend to hold large amounts of tea on stock, you deserve that the leaves are fresh when they reach you.

There is nothing worse than an improperly stored good tea that has become stale.

Brewing Advocates

We brew Japanese teas daily. No a day without tea is our life motto!

We test & taste new teas often, we are always looking for new & exciting teas that we know you would enjoy.

We love sharing our findings with you via our tea brewing recommendations.

Our Tea Trips

Connect With Us!


Welcome to our humble virtual tea corner, don't be shy, please come on in!



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